Event Format

  • Preliminary Round (Round 1):-
    • The preliminary rounds are scheduled to take place in three different zones spanning across the country.
    • 8 teams (+1 WaitList Teams) [subject to no. of registrants] will be selected from each region.
    • The selected teams will come to Shaastra 2014 for Round 2 that will be held during the first week of January, 2014.
    • The preliminary round is tentatively scheduled to be held during the first week of October, 2013.
    • In this round, all the registered teams have to make a presentation explaining their design, strategy, plan and other technical details of the rover.
  • Round 2:-
    • Selected teams from the various zones have to present a prototype of their model and show their working at Shaastra 2014.
    • Five teams will be selected for the final round
  • Round 3/Final Round:-
    • In this round, the five selected teams should make an engineering model of their rover and demonstrate its capabilities as specified by the Problem Statement.
    • This will be held on a neutral ground around 18th-20th April 2014.
    • Winner's rover might be a part of team INDUS' mission to the moon

Prize Details:

So what are you in this for?

Other than the fame, glory and an extraordinary sense of achievement, we won't possibly leave you empty handed. You stand to win -

  1. Rs. 1 Lakh for EACH of the TOP 5 Teams.
  2. Prestigious Internships for EACH MEMBER of the WINNING TEAM.
  3. An advanced Development Kit to assist you in your future endeavours.
  4. And of course, Certificates recognizing and proclaiming the scale of your achievement as the best in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

General :

  1. What is Trained 4 Space ?
        Ans : Trained 4 Space is a country-wide search to identify the next generation of Creators & Explorers.
  2. Why should we participate ?
        Ans : All the participating teams will receive Trained for Space participation certificate - a certificate recognized across the country as a mark of technical ingenuity and perfectionism of work. The winning teams shall be awarded in a variety of ways ranging from large cash prizes to prestigious internships. The winning team's students will get a chance to work with Team Indus and its partners in India's private race to the moon. And most importantly, they will get a chance to send their ROVER to moon.
  3. What is the Event Format ?
        Ans : Competition includes 3 rounds.
    • 1st stage is a qualifier round which will take place from 1st - 6th October 2013
    • 2nd stage is a shortlist round which will take place from 5th - 8th January 2014
    • 3rd stage is a final round which will take place from 18th - 20th April 2014

Registration :

  1. Is there any registration fee ?
        Ans : No, there is no registration fee. It is a free competition, conducted to encourage the students who are interested in the engineering world.
  2. Are there any additional monetary charges to participate ?
        Ans : No additional monetary charges are required to participate in the program.
  3. How can I register ?
        Ans : Students can register through this online portal : Registration Link

Team Size & Eligibility :

  1. What is the eligibility criterion to participate ?
        Ans : The student must be pursuing an undergraduate degree.
  2. How many team members can we have ?
        Ans : Maximum of 5 students per team
  3. How many teams can we have from each college ?
        Ans : No restriction
  4. Can students from different colleges form a team ?
        Ans : No, only students from the same college can form a team.
  5. Should we pay a deposit fee ?
        Ans : No, there is no need for any deposit fee

Location :

  1. Does the team need to travel anywhere to participate in the competition ?
        Ans : Yes, final round of the competition takes place at IIT-M. So, all the out-station students should travel to Chennai.
  2. At what places will the program take place ?
        Ans : The qualifier round will take place in IIT-Madras and 2 other satellite venues IIT-Delhi and VJTI. The rest of the two rounds will take place at IIT-M.
  3. Is there any transportational facilities provided ?
        Ans : There are no transportational facilities provided and no reimbursements are done. Transportation and accommodation charges should be paid for by the team itself.

Short Listing & Judgement :

  1. How many teams will be selected for 2nd round ?
        Ans : 8 teams from each satellite venue will be shortlisted and 1 waiting list team from each satellite venue. Total 24 teams will compete in round 2.
  2. How many teams will be selected in round 3 ?
        Ans : 5 Teams will be selected for round 3.
  3. What are the judgement criteria ?
        Ans : The judgement criteria rules are mentioned in the website.
  4. How is the competition different from others ?
        Ans : Trained 4 Space is a unique program organized by IIT-Madras, where aerospace aspirants are given oppurtunity to make their dream come true by sending their rover to space. Judging panel included ISRO members and other experienced dignitaries which really makes this nationwide competition different from other robotics competitions.

Technical Questions :

  1. Can we use any ready-made modules available for live streaming?
        Ans : Teams cannot use ready-made modules only for the purpose of Live Streaming. However, teams can use development boards like Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc.

Contact Details:

For any doubts or clarifications, please feel free to mail to lunarx@shaastra.org

Problem Statement

The Problem Statement Version2 has been released!

Problem Statement V2 (PDF)
Figures (PDF)

Download V2 (Zip)

Lunar Rover Challenge

Lunar Rover Challenge is an event at Shaastra which will help Team INDUS win the Google Lunar XPrize. The LRC's Winner's rover could be a part of team INDUS' mission to the moon as their entry into this world wide competition.

Google Lunar XPrize

The google lunar X prize is an international event conducted by Google and X Prize Foundation for Lunar Exploration. A total of $30 million in prizes are available to the first privately funded team to safely land a robot on the surface of the moon, have that robot travel 500 meters over the lunar surface and send video, images and data back to the Earth.

To know more about the Google Lunar XPrize, visit the link below!



Axiom Research Labs, an Aerospace startup based in New Delhi, India, has registered for the Google Lunar X Prize as "Team Indus". Team Indus is the only Indian entry in this prestigious global challenge. Team Indus comprises of entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and explorers with experience in leading and developing innovative projects and organizations. They aim for a lunar landing before December 2015 in its bid to win the international prize.

The official Page for Team Indus at the GLXP Website: http://www.googlelunarxprize.org/teams/team-indus

Team Indus's Official Website + Blog: http://blog.teamindus.in/

Watch the Team Indus Teaser : here


The space race of the 20th century led to many great achievements in the field of space exploration.

Shaastra 2014 now proudly brings to you an exciting and unique event that shall place you right in the middle of the Space Race of the 21st Century!

In collaboration with Team Indus - India's pioneers and representatives in today's global race to the moon (the Google Lunar X Prize) - we give the engineers and students across the country the opportunity to use their engineering expertise, creativity and analytical skills to tackle a challenge of a scale never seen before. Build us the best rover to explore the Lunar Surface, and we shall send it there for you!

What does the winner stand to get? Along with a range of valuable prizes and unique opportunities, the winner also gets the bragging rights to claim that their creation stands on the moon and looks down at the entire world. It's a chance of a lifetime, and Shaastra 2014 is bringing it for all you dreamy engineers to exploit and leave your name behind in the annals of India's achievements in Space.

This challenge is based on the Google Lunar XPrize and is in collaboration with Team Indus. Be part of this incredible journey. It all starts here with Lunar Rover Challenge at Shaastra 2014.


Results : Download PDF (1.9 MB)

Judges for Round 1 :

  1. Mr. H.P.Biswas : Ex Indian Navy and Retd Chief Engineer - Merchant Navy

Event Format :

  1. Round 1 is a presentation round. All the registered participants have to make a presentation regarding the technical details of their rover.
  2. A time of 6 minutes is given for each team to give the presentation followed by a small Q&A session by the judges.
  3. The presentation should include a detailed description regarding the mechanical structure of the robot.
  4. The presentation may include 3D models of the rover and any means of simulation or analysis of the mechanical model.
  5. The presentation should also include description of the electrical specifications, type of communication, strategy and the algorithms that are being implemented on the robot(rover). The above presentation must include, but need not be restricted to, the points mentioned above.
  6. 8 teams (+1 waitlist teams) [subject to no. of registrants] will be selected from each region. These teams are eligible for participation in Shaastra 2014 for round 2.
  7. The presentations have to be mailed to lunarx@shaastra.org before the deadlines mentioned below :
  8. All the presentations have to be mailed in the Shaastra template.The subject of the mail should be LRC_<team_name>_<participating region>
    ex: LRC_xxyy_iitd, LRC_xxyy_iitm, LRC_xxyy_vjti
Presentation Template (pptx)

Venue :
    The preliminary rounds are scheduled to take place at three different places across the country. The three colleges hosting the first round are IIT Delhi,IIT Madras and VJTI(Mumbai).
This will be a one day event. The dates and timings of the event are:

  • IIT Madras : 28th & 29th September 2013 , 9:00 AM
  • IIT Delhi : 12th October 2013 , 9:30 AM
  • VJTI : 5th October 2013 , 9:30 AM

Accomodation :
    The host colleges will not be providing accommodation for the participants in the first round. However suggestions regarding nearby hotels and stay places will be put up for the convenience of the participants.

IIT Madras IIT Delhi VJTI

Contact Details : lunarx[at]shaastra.org

For any queries/clarifications, please feel free to mail at lunarx[at]shaastra.org

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Registrations are over

Results for first round
Download PDF (1.9 MB)